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Even if you cannot avoid the dangers, you can still minimize the risks.

Verseidag Ballistic Protection offers premium products and solutions that provide effective ballistic protection of life and equipment.

We design and develop products in close cooperation with our end customers which supremely satisfy their needs and requirements, offering the best possible protection according to national and international standards.

For this reason we follow the developments in the weapons and ammunition field throughout the world. We test and select only the best materials for products in ballistic protection, which have been carefully designed in all their details and in strict adherence to the requirements of our customers with respect to design, functions and protection classes.

Verseidag Ballistic Protection is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and AQAP 2110 (NATO) and guarantees the performance of its products even under absolutely extreme conditions, from arctic cold to tropical heat.

Main areas of focus:

  • Ballistic protection technologies Personal-security bullet proof vests · helmets · shields
  • The light concealed body armor ‘Pro Comfort’ has been designed for professional use by the police and other security organizations which are unpredictably threatened with firearms.
  • The tactical body armor have been designed for special units within the armed forces, the police and the border patrol. They have been developed for situations and types of use that are life-threatening.
  • The floatable protective body armor has been developed for special forces such as the navy, coast guard and harbor police. It combines efficient bullet-resistant and life-saving properties in marine conditions.
  • The mine protection suit has been developed for experts whose help is enlisted for the removal of explosives. It is suitable for the detection, deactivation and removal of mines, ammunition and other explosive substances.
  • Flexible protective shields have been designed for battle situations in closed-in spaces such as aero planes, ships or tunnel-like environments such as underground railways.