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Fitness and gym flooring
This product is the elastic, robust gym flooring that was specially developed for the requirements of fitness clubs.
Resistant to weights and apparatus, protects joints.


Flooring for Sports and Multipurpose Halls
This product is the point-elastic sports floor for halls.
Highly durable, easy to clean, resilient, force reduction in accordance with standards and high protective function.


Indoor Safety Surfacing
Indoor is the high quality impact protection flooring for indoor surfaces.
It fulfils all impact protection requirements, and also has a homogeneous, easy-to-clean  wear layer and available in a wide range of colours.


Tatami Martial Arts Mats
Mats for Asian martial arts with specialised functional properties for training and competition.
Special mats for throwing training, practising grabbing and kicking.


Floorworks Sports Mats
Floorworks, the range of mats for floor exercises, gymnastics, wrestling, aerobics, Collision protection elements on walls.
For schools, competitions, fitness clubs, physiotherapy.


Flooring for climbing halls
This has joined forces with the operators of climbing halls to develop a programme consisting of several special flooring solutions that serve to reduce the injuries incurred in climbing sport.