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Offering the highest levels of quality, reliability and service, duraskin® opens up new possibilities in the field of renewable energies.
Our materials have been specifically developed for the technical requirements of modern industrial plant construction. The constant resilience of these innovative membranes in many different applications has impressed customers all over the world.

As efficient as your company
In a dynamic market we assist you with our technically experienced duraskin® team. Good availability and short delivery terms are your guarantee for high service quality. Establish new standards together with us! VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite provides the basis to accomplish this.

Item Coating Weight (g/m²) Width (cm) Light transmission (%)* Datasheet
classic 1100 (B 71311) sealed PVC 1 050  B 71311)
classic 900 (B 71290) sealed PVC 900  B 71290)
classic 800 (B 71180) sealed PVC 800  B 71180)
classic 1300 (B 71413) sealed PVC 1 300  B 71413)
classic 1500 (B 71515) sealed PVC 1 500  B 71515)