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Throughout the world, the name VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite is synonymous with innovative and high-quality in coated technical textiles.

       The company VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite was founded in 1920. Building on decades of experience, VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite brings together unique expertise in high-performance materials and application markets combined with state-of-the-art, cutting edge production technology at your manufacturing sites. As a result, every VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite product is a promise of quality and innovation to our customers.

       VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite products can be found in many highly demanding application markets such as textile architecture, large tents, large-format digital printing, biogas, bullet-proof vests and other industry solutions.

       The various business divisions of VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite cover almost all areas of coated raw and backing materials. Our customers benefit from supreme technical expertise and efficient manufacturing structures in all areas of business. Every process is so flexible that all different kinds of materials and production methods can be tailored towards individual customer requests. 

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Managed by experts at various levels of technology with many years of experience, VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite manufactures coated fabric membranes for highly specialized applications, certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, at two state-of-the-art plants.

At its Straelen-Herongen plant VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite processes high-performance yarns such as glass, aramid and high-strength polyester in widths of up to six meters employing all modern warp and weaving technologies.

The Krefeld plant has six state-of-the-art coating lines in widths of two meters to five meters where fabrics are coated with special pastes that were developed and produced in-house. In addition, the coated membranes can be surface-sealed according to individual customer requests, for instance with special finishing coats or different kinds of surface embossing. This is accomplished by using four extremely precise painting and embossing machines, depending on the intended application. To satisfy the customer requests as perfectly as possible, in-house engineers with many years of experience are critically involved in the design of all of VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite manufacturing plants. As one of the results of this technical expertise, VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite was the first company in the world to employ coating technology in a width of 5 m.

To maintain its technological lead for the benefit of our international clients as well as in order to continue to set standards with respect to environmental protection and to saving resources, VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite continuously invests in the further development and optimization of all plant technologies.

In addition to fabrics made of high-performance materials such as glass, aramid and high-strength polyester, every one of our products has an optimized polymer coating.

These coating materials are based on premium technical plastics such as PVC, PTFE, acrylates and polyurethanes. They are developed and produced by VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite. As a result, VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite is able to offer product solutions that have been optimized in terms of their respective application, independently of the various manufacturers of the individual materials.

Offering the highest levels of quality, reliability and service, VERSEIDAG Coating & Composite provides innovative opportunities in the fields of mobile and permanent architecture, logistics and industry.

We produce high-quality coated fabrics for use in flexible tensile fabric structures (membranes) and mobile constructions (tents and halls) but also for logistics (tarpaulins for vehicles) and industry (flexible containers). Woven as yarn (PES/glass) and coated (PVC/PTFE/PU) in widths of up to 5 m, duraskin® materials with various types of surface seal (acrylic/PVDF/FEP), manufactured in Germany, are successfully employed throughout the world. duraskin® materials offer long-lasting protection against environmental impacts for both people and goods. Whether individually tailored for specific customer requirements or supplied as standard products, the duraskin® materials as are used in anything from tents to large canopies of up to 120,000 m2. The coating lacquer systems satisfy the highest demands with respect to surface sealing and are perfect to clean.