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Winter Sports

Fitness Clubs, Weight Training, Physiotherapy, Recreation, Wellness

       Product has a high material density compared to similar flooring from other manufacturers. This makes the flooring extremely tough and durable. Once laid, Product will continue to perform excellently, even after years of use. The light point elasticity of Product is easy on joints and ligaments. Depend- ing on thickness, the force reduction for Product is between 9–12% or 16–19%.

       Product holds the slipperiness classification R9 (the R scale runs from R1 to R13 with R1 being the most slippery): it provides a safe surface for running and jumping with sufficient gliding capacity to allow for stopping movements. In wet areas, Product holds the slipperiness classification C, the classifica- tion for wet areas runs from A to C with C being the best, which guarantees a high level of anti-slip properties.

       Product absorbs the impact force of falling objects such as dumb-bells without incurring any damage. Product bears the load of fitness equipment placed on the flooring and prevents it from slipping. Equipment screwed to the floor remains firmly secured when using Product because Product is glued to the screed over its entire area with no underlying voids, as may be the case with other sports flooring. Ice Arenas, Ski Rentals, Cable Cars



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